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New season, new brands! Desigual, Billybandit, Lemon Loves Lime & more


new arrivals

new arrivals

Fashion develops all the time; and each season requires new collections of remarkable clothes. Today brands pay a lot of attention to the look not only of adults, but of toddlers, infants, young children and teens as well. It is very important to provide them with stylish and trendy items. Our service keeps in touch with most popular and adored brands all over the world. Modern parents already know what brand suits to their child most of all. So that is why we try to make it possible for them to purchase the most new clothes and accessories. This summer season is doing to be promising thanks the original and fancy collections of Desigual, Billybandit, Lemon Loves Lime & more. These are well known clothing lines in many European capitals, the United States, Australia and Asian countries as well. You are free to have additional information about worldwide fashion brands. Spain is proud to have such a luxurious brand, as Desigual. It was created long ago, but its popularity never decreased. New trends, colors, fabric combinations are offered by Desigual each season. Its main feature is using bright colors, vivid prints and colorful patterns. And this always has been the favorite line among stylish boys and girl. The founder of Desigual decided to convert usual and boring days into real holidays and celebrations of colors and fashion. So why to wait? Make your child look stunning by clothing of Desigual! Billybandit has no less success among young generation. Pay attention to its original taste and wonderful creations. Each child is totally satisfied with casual and festive outfits by Billybandit. Each outfit can be matched with a stylish accessory too. Children in the United States already enjoy the products of the brand for long time; but today there is a possibility for kids from other parts of the world to wear clothes by Billybandit. High quality clothing can be found at Lemon Loves Lime. The designers are sure that each kid should be provided with care starting from early age, shouldn’t he? 100% smooth cotton, natural silk, chiffon, wool and denim are the main fabrics for creating practical and nice looking items. It is obvious that parents choose only best quality; with items by Lemon Loves Lime they are protected from artificial and non-quality fabrics. The new collections of Desigual, Billybandit and Lemon Loves Lime consist of different types of clothing: Bermuda shorts, long sleeved shirts and summer caps for boys; lovely dresses, festive skirts and embroidered blouses for girls. Children can choose their favorite model and color. Parents are already able to have a look of necessary items online. Our web site renovates the products and their amount very often. It is possible to purchase any clothing from our online service; clothes and accessories will be delivered without any difficulties to your home. So follow the fashion without leaving your place, using pictures and descriptions online. We do our best in order to satisfy the demands and tastes of our customers.

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