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    Super stylish kids looks

    JOHN GALLIANO Union Jack Knitted MittensBOSS Boys Bright Blue Puffer JacketLITTLE MARC JACOBS Baby Boys Blue Denim JeansSILVIAN HEACH Boys Red 'Super Hero' T-ShirtMOSCHINO KID-TEEN Boys Grey Wool Logo ScarfIKKS Boys Blue Denim JeansRALPH LAUREN Boys Blue Suede Pre-Walker TrainersImage Map

    A pair of warm and cozy mittens is needed for baby children, as well as older children, for the cold time of the year. Certainly all parents want to choose stylish accessories for their children, like for example those, presented by John Galliano. The bright knitted mittens are unisex and would for sure be adored by your baby. They are easy to put on and they are long enough to cover the wrists of your child, even if he is rather active. The colors used are rather universal, thus the mittens could be well combined with various hats, jackets, coats and scarves.

    Stylish looking scarves are needed not only for adult men, their baby boys and older boys like imitating their fathers and wearing smart accessories. However a warm and cozy scarf – is not simply accessory, it is responsible for keeping your child warm during cold weather and strong winds. The scarf by Moschino is very bright; the classical combination of grey and red colors makes it look boyish and versatile. It is made of soft and stretchy wool mix, which would guarantee warmth and comfort to your baby. It would look perfect with a red or grey jacket. Hand wash is a must.

    Blue color is usually associated with boys. The cobalt blue puffer jacket by BOSS looks stunning due to combination of the blue color and red colored stitching and tape of the front zipper. These unexpected combinations of colors, as well as cool design of the jacket contribute to creating and stylish and beautiful jacket for a small gentleman. The jackets fastens with front zipper, there are classical two pockets on the front and ribbed cuffs, which would guarantee saving warmth. The hood is fully lined and could be removed, in case it is not needed.

    All parents like wearing jeans themselves and like putting jeans on their children. Still, when choosing jeans for a small baby, it is necessary to consider some demands, including the type and quality of fabric, the comfort of the waist. The jeans by IKKS correspond to all quality demands, they are made of soft cotton denim, ensuring, that your baby boy will feel comfortable, when wearing them. The waist is elasticated, which is crucially important for not squeezing the waist of the baby. The look stylish and could be combined with most cardigans, sweaters or t-shirts from your boy’s wardrobe.

    If your baby boy is not walking yet, or is just starting to learn to stand and to make the first steps by his own, then the cool pre-walker trainers by Ralph Lauren could become the first pair of shoes for him. They look really bright due to combination of blue cobalt leather parts with designer’s contrasting red pony logo embroidered on the side. Their cut and design were specially worked out for the small children and correspond to all qualitative demands, so you will be sure, that the trainers are comfortable for your baby boy.

    All boys like super heroes, like watching cartoons with them, like associating themselves with some super heroes. If you baby boy is too small to know all the super heroes, he would still for sure appreciate a bright and comfortable long sleeved t-shirt by Silvian Heach. It is made of cotton jersey, which makes it easy to put on and comfortable to wear separately or in combination with a vest or a cardigan. Super-hero mask design on the front would for sure attract attention of the small gentleman.
    Hand wash is a must for this type of clothing.

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