Rose prints girls’ designers clothes


Holidays, birthday celebrations, festivals and other activities are usually held during summer time. it is very common for young girls to go to shops and look for nice outfits for such occasions. Each one wants to look impressive. Dresses, skirts, formal trousers are matched with different accessories. This year jacquard overlay advices to have this wonderful silk dress in your wardrobe. It comes in a luxurious style, which perfectly suits to special festivities. It has no sleeves; the upper is embroidered with bright red roses and green leaves. The long skirt has several satin and chiffon layers. The white color of the item will make your girl look differently, but stylish.

Flowers are adored by each girl; since childhood young ladies tend to wear clothing with floral patterns or embroidered with tulips, lilacs, roses etc. but besides clothes, modern designers offer to girls a wide variety of accessories that contain this wonderful detail too. for example, Graci considered with bright red head accessory to be worth attention. The item has a silk covering. A big flower is attached on the top of hair band. The rose looks stunning; it also has a tulle layer. This accessory will match the femininity and refinement of a girl.

The new fashionable season prepares a lot of new collections and surprises. Young girls will be able to choose the style of clothing that suits them; their most preferable colors and shapes. It is very important to have in your wardrobe a nice outfit for cool seasons. It may be a blazer, jacket or a coat. DKNY offers this raincoat designed in classic style. It comes in bright red color; there is a self tie belt around the waist to tie it on the front. Buttons all over the coat also prevail. It has two pockets at both sides.

When choosing footwear for summer time, be sure that the shoes are made from high quality materials; the stepping must be always comfortable. Young ladies should feel themselves pleasant with their walking. It is nice to have flip-flops, trainers or other kind of shoes. But sandals remain being the most popular footwear during summer. There are a lot of styles; some are casual, and others more festive. These bright red ones by Quis Quis will suit to any style. They are made from patent leather of red and green upper. The inner sole is very practical, as it is 100% soft leather. thin straps form a back buckle for fastening. There is also a big red flower on the front.

Dolce & Gabbana has a new model of shoulder bag to offer to young girls; the item comes in white jacquard layer made from silk. It is embroidered in a formal style with black braided strip. It makes the bag very original; it suits more to wear if the girl is wearing a pair of dark formal trousers and a white blouse. There is a long shoulder strap, which can be removed. Handles can be also used for carrying.


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