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    STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS branded children clothing

    STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS branded clothing

    STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS is one of the most well known English brands that was created by Stella Nina McCartney, a daughter of a famous musician of “The Beatles”, Paul McCartney. Stella’s first fashion show was in 1995, and since them it has been developing. Originally, the brand was focused on making clothes for women, but soon a children collection appeared too. Rainbow dresses, colorful trousers, bright tops and cute shorts are made from natural fabrics only. The designer tries to provide kids with maximum comfort and care during all day. 100% cotton, denim, wool, silk, cashmere are used most of all. Besides, a big attention is paid to embroidering each item. Funny prints, unique patterns and cool images attract the view for sure. Young children adore vintage, floral, animal and sea theme on their clothing. A lovely collection of accessories is represented too. Knitted gloves and colorful scarves can serve as a nice addition to the whole look. Stella also offers footwear to any of the outfits of your child. It can suit to casual or formal style. Today many celebrities tend to dress their own kids in clothing by STELLA MACCARTNEY KIDS. The products of STELLA MACCARTNEY KIDS can be purchased online.

    Stella McCartney children clothes
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