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    Shabby Chic

    Even those who are unfamiliar, the term “shabby chic” are probably familiar with this direction in the decor, because today things and objects in the style of “shabby chic” can be found in the collections of nearly any store interior. The interiors of shabby chic items are selected based on their “antique” status, and if the original designers are really looking for real antiques, but now you can buy artificially aged stuff – “shabby” serves the most recognizable element of style for which it is so fond. This area is absolutely democratic since it allows to combine things from different styles and eras, in shabby chic interior feels fine and grandmother’s china and an old chair, and trinkets from a flea market, and absolutely simple and even rude tables and chairs.

    In the interior in the style, Shabby-chic are used specially made old or as true vintage pieces of furniture and decor. In addition to the “furniture with a soul”, characterized by Shabby and other “old wives’ items and interior decoration – decorative boxes, cute angels, romantic roses, luxury cushions handmade, decorated with embroidery, lace, beads, and pearls.

    Basic tones Shabby – pastel, light or white. Characterized by light floral motifs. From geometric patterns may be a barely noticeable cell or strip. Furniture and utensils decorated in such a way as to give the impression of an old, “with a touch of time.” To do this, use different techniques – decoupage, crackle, patina.

    However, imitation abrasions and other surface techniques of aging – very frequent, but not indispensable companions style. Rachel Ashwell itself, for example, insists not necessarily obvious aging. In one interview, she describes things in Shabby-chic style as “old, but strong inside, light, romantic, lovingly returned by a life.” On the pages of its online store, a lot of things without a trace of apparent aging nevertheless sustained in style.

    This style needs to feel at all to observe harmony, although initially, it seems that the interior in the style of Shabby Chic effectively sloppy. But this is only an appearance, represent and support the deliberate negligence is quite difficult, since any “irregularity” is not negligent owners, and thought the course designer.


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