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    Sebra furniture & accessories for children rooms

    Sebra furniture & accessories for children rooms

    Sebra is a well known Danish fashionable brand, which is mainly focused on producing stylish accessories and practical furniture for babies’ rooms. The line was established by Mia Dela in 2004; though it is a new company in the fashion market, it has already gained a huge success among modern parents and their kids in all over Europe. The main feature of Sebra is making delicate and useful items in order to decorate the bedroom and playroom of a toddler. Puffs and cushions are finely embroidered with bright colorful patches that will capture the attention of the smallest ones. The manufacturers assure that it is very important to provide babies with comfort and care already starting from their first days of life. For this reason the brand uses only natural fabrics, such as wool and cotton in tailoring soft objects. Interesting toys for educating and developing are made from high quality wood that won’t cause any harm to young child. Each piece is produced due to health care standards, and is considered to be safe for playing. The brand has become adorable among many toddlers and infants. A lot of modern parents like to make their kids happy by purchasing the amazing furniture & accessories by Sebra online.

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