For over 120 years, Roamer creates a high-quality and affordable watches. In 1888 Fritz Meyer founded his watchmaking workshop in a small village located between Biel and Bern.

Just after 20 years, the small workshop became a real plant that produces at 500,000 movements per year. By 1923, over the assembly of watch movements has employed more than 1200 workers and the production volume reached more than a million a year.

The main task of the company – to become the center of world watch industry.

It is believed that Roamer is the leader in the category of mid-market hours, it takes in a strong position. Less than 2 hours, the volume in 1000 exceeded 0000 pieces.

The exact mechanisms of watch timepieces symbolize credibility, carefully selected, durable materials reflect subtle sense and persistent. Above all: those who decides in favor of the Roamer, show a slim, independent mind and his openness to the world: the harmonious lines and valuable combination of colors guide them.

Roamer watches are manufactured in Switzerland. Mark of quality Swiss Made around the world has become a sign of high-quality manufacturing techniques and better quality products. For many generations, Roamer Company enjoys a reputation among customers and partners, as can special way to combine functionality and value with a balanced, aesthetic form.

The unique nature of the clock is not least due to the belief in a balance between what nature has created, and that made the man. This belief is closely linked with the tradition and modernity. Roamer Company focuses on originality and authenticity inherent in the Swiss watch manufacturer with rich traditions of the past. For this reason, the company Roamer so proud that it is representative of the young musician Eliana Burki, expressing such a charming and original way native “Swiss spirit.” Elian – the perfect representative of the watch brand Roamer.


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