Puma – German company specializing in the manufacture of sportswear, footwear, and accessories. Founded in 1948 in Gertsogenaurahe (Germany). The company produces sports equipment under the brands Puma and Tretorn has affiliated offices in the US, France, Switzerland, Spain, Hong Kong. The company owns a network of 116 branded shops.

Brand Puma cooperates with many famous athletes and entire sports associations, as well as being an official sponsor of sporting events.

Management of the company Puma has always been aimed precisely at making the brand recognized around the world as well as they were determined to achieve in order to make a tangible contribution to the world with his hand. This idea has always been based on the fact that never deviate from its basic principles: shoes and clothing always had to be fulfilled in a creative style; they should be easy to use, as well as the brand should ideally intersect both fashionable and with sporting tendencies.

At the same time the main directions in which should guide the production of their products were such a category of sports like running, tennis, football, golf, motor sports and sailing. However, ordinary people just have unnoticed, because for these categories of people as the company’s activity was directed Puma and created a lot of stylish things sports and additional accessories.

The well-known brand Puma was one of those who are engaged in the production of sports shoes while applying innovative technologies and the latest developments, analogs that have not yet been found throughout the world today. Developers as well as designers of numerous collections, always take into account not only the exclusive appearance of products but also place particular emphasis on the security features of their products, which undoubtedly has a direct impact on the safety of people involved in professional sports (motorcycling, motor racing etc.).

In addition to its creative development and individual orders for many athletes and sports teams of hotel, popular brand Puma is constantly engaged in sponsorship and charity work around the world, revenues from which are constantly in different centers (eg, anti-cancer, etc.) .


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