Paz Rodriguez baby clothing

Paz Rodriguez baby clothes

PAZ RODRIGUEZ is a well known Spanish brand of trendy clothing for the smallest ones. It was established in 1970 in a small town Vigo, Galicia. The company offers its products for toddlers aged up to 12 months. The main feature of PAZ RODRIFUEZ is creating its items from natural fabrics only. It is worth saying that the manufacturers use 100% soft cotton and 100% wool in tailoring. They guarantee parents to provide their toddlers with maximum comfort during all year around, starting from the first days of their life. The creative designers follow the last tendencies in fashion too. Each item of PAZ RODRIFUEZ is made to attract a kid. It is embroidered with silky ribbon bows, lace hems, puffed cuffs and ruffle collars that add some chic to the whole look. Girls will stay remarkable for sure. Delicate lace and print bonnets are adorable by many young ladies. Modern parents are offered a wide variety of wool shawls and cotton blankets. Besides, lovely baby nests are very popular. Nowadays PAZ RODRIFUEZ is famous not only in Spain, but in other European countries and in the United States as well. Today the products of PAZ RODRIFUEZ are available for online purchasing.

Paz Rodriguez Baby Wear
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