Nanan Baby Wear


Nanan is an absolute leader in the world of baby wear production. It is among the internationally acclaimed brands producing an entire range of products for babies, including clothing, cosmetics, changing bags, furniture and a variety of accessories. All products are created with love and care for children. Since the very inception of the brand and up until now, the basic idea of the trademark has remained the same: to bring a new style into the life of every little baby. The world of Nanan is the world created especially for little babies which especially need to be taken care of. Together with the brand’s products, children have an opportunity to learn to interact with others, which is a great benefit of the brand’s collection. There are only a few companies around the world that are producing kids’ furniture and various accessories for babies. But Italian quality always attracts the attention of the audience. This is because Italian brands are known for the creation of various kids’ products that are characterized not only by practicability and functionality, but also supreme quality of materials used. Nanan is among such brands. More so, it has long become a leader in the production of baby goods of exceptional quality and durability.

Nanan was established in Ravenna back in 1992. It was born from the creative idea of Frank Mentone who has contributed much into the development of the trademark. His major goal was “to bring pampering into the world of every child”. Up until recently, the distribution network of the company operated on a national level proving to be extremely successful among the local customers. However, the brand has recently expanded its production and entered the global market of kids’ fashion. Its stores are located in Rome and Milan. The brand’s products include a whole assortment of home accessories, from furniture to clothing for babies. The company enjoys a steady growth and is likely to enlarge its business outside its country of origin. The brand’s goods are now available in many online stores that provide Nanan goods for a reasonable price. If you are looking for comfortable furniture or fashionable clothes for your baby, you’ve come to the right place. Nanan is just what you need as it offers a great variety of valuable goods that will definitely meet your preferences and expectations.

Nanan remains a leading trademark in terms of baby wear design and production of kids’ furniture. It is among the most prosperous trademarks whose goods are distinguished by exceptional quality, durability and comfort. They are designed especially for little babies who need to feel comfortable the whole day long. The company’s designers ensure that every product is durable and functional to meet the requirements of numerous customers who enjoy using the company’s products. Nanan is for everyone who wants to ensure maximum comfort of their kids. It produces a great variety of fashionable clothes and accessories, furniture and toys, which will definitely be to the liking of your child. Check out the collections of Nanan brand to find something really extraordinary for your precious one and you will surely be delighted with the quality and other characteristics of the brand’s products. The goods offered by the trademark are available in a variety of colors and color combinations to meet your preferences and ensure that you can match various goods with each other. By choosing Nanan, you choose functional and practical design and the highest quality of every product. Don’t hesitate to discover something new by looking through the collections of the brand. You will definitely find something truly special for your little one.

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