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MP Kids Tights & Socks

MP Kids Tights & Socks

MP is a well known Danish brand of practical knitted clothing for children aged up to 16 years. The famous line is focused on providing kids with comfort and care all year around. The qualified designers work on combining special tailoring techniques and fabrics of the best quality. The most used materials are natural 100% soft cotton and wool. It is worth noticing that besides the care that the company offers to parents and their kids, the creative manufacturers try to make cool look of each item. MP use plain colors mostly: black, gray, ivory, brown; bright pink, blue and red prevail as well. But traditional stripe and spot patterns can be seen too. Wearing cute socks and lovely tights both girls and boys can enjoy a pleasant feeling. A nice collection for babies is also offered with great variety of clothing. Socks have ribbed, fold-over tops to keep them securely on tiny feet. Modern parents are known to buy only high quality products for their children. MP has become very popular not only in Denmark, but in many countries of Europe. Today it is already possible to choose the favorite item of MP online and purchase them as well.

MP Kids Tights & Socks
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