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Miss Blumarine Girls Clothing

Miss Blumarine Girls Clothing

MISS BLUMARINE is a luxurious Italian clothing brand that was established by Anna Molinari in 1977 in Capri. The name of the line consists of two words: “blu”, which means the blue color; and “marine” that expresses her love towards the sea. The first collections of Blumarine were dedicated for women. The main goal of them was to emphasize on the waist of a woman. That is the reason for calling the brand – the Barbie wish. A collection for kids appeared in 1987, and till now it is adored by many young girls. The famous designer uses bright colors and additional elements to create a stunning look. She guarantees to modern parents that the products of Miss Blumarine are made from best fabrics, such as 100% cotton, denim, wool, silk, leather, chiffon and others. The main feature of the line is using nice embroidery to add chic to the whole look. Lovely ruffles, sparkly sequins, jewels, ribbon bows, diamante gems and others prevail in many items. Miss Blumarine also offers cute baby sets for newborns. Pale pink baby bibs and bottle holders will serve as a good presents for a baby. Today the products of Miss Blumarine can be purchased online.

Miss Blumarine Girls Clothing
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