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    Loredana Children & Baby Clothing

    Loredana Kids & Baby Clothing

    LOREDANA is a fashionable Italian brand that was established in 1950 as a family business. The name LOREDANA comes from the name of a daughter of its founders. Today the line is popular not only in Italy, but also in other European countries and the United States as well. It attracts the parent’s attention thanks the high quality products, made from the best Italian fabrics. The manufacturers use 100% cotton, silk, wool, denim, chiffon, velour, leather and other materials. Modern parents can be sure of the comfort and care that LOREDANA guarantees to their kids. The brand is focused on satisfying the tastes of both girls and boys aged 0 to 16 years. The main feature of the company is making luxurious clothes, combining bright colors with cool and unique patterns. Leopard and floral skirts, dresses; trousers and leggings with palm prints will for sure be adored by your kid. The creative designers also tend to add stylish embroidery and unique elements to make the whole look more stunning. Swarovski crystals, ruffles, bright sequins, pearl beads and ribbon bows make the silhouette remarkable. Special collection of delicate hair accessories is offered for girls. Today parents can purchase the products of LOREDANA online.

    loredana kids clothing

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