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    Lili Gaufrette Babies & Kids Clothing

    Lili Gaufrette Baby & Children Clothing

    LILI GAUFRETTE is well-known brand of children clothing that was launched by Catherine Wollner in 1988 in France. The famous designer wanted to make infants, children and teens look magnificent with her clothes. The brand offers product to kids aged 3 months to 14 years. It is worth noticing that both girls and boys can be satisfied with different styles in LILI GAUFRETTE collections. Wollner believes that the item, which young girls and boys wear, help them to express themselves. For this reason each collection of LILIGAUFRETTE line is represented with nice pale pink dresses, cute skirts, tops with floral prints, comfortable leggings and trousers. The manufacturers pay big attention not only to the look of an item, but also to its quality. The clothing of LILI GAUFRETTE is made from the best fabrics, such as 100% soft cotton, silk, wool, cashmere, chiffon and others. Besides, the creative designer tries to attract the attention of children and their modern parents by using fancy details and elements; among them are ruffles and frills, silky bows and ribbons, interesting patterns and cool prints. A special collection of delicate hair accessories for young ladies is also offered. Today the products of LILI GAUFRETTE can be purchased online.

    Lili Gaufrette Baby & Kids Clothing

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