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    Level children snow accessories

    Level children snow accessories

    Level is a well known Italian brand that is mainly focused on producing practical gloves for skiers. Originally the line was established for satisfying the tastes and demands of men and women, but after gaining a big success among its buyers, then a nice collection for children appeared. Today Level offers stylish accessories both for girls and boys. The founders of the brand are sure that it is very important to supply children with practical gloves, as it is necessary to keep their hands warm during winter activities. The main feature of the products is a knuckle protection and reinforced leather. It is worth noticing that special adjustable straps will keep snow out. The manufacturers use unique Custom Fit technology and heat-based moulding system that make the item look even more remarkable. The brand tries to satisfy the tastes both of girls and boys; for this reason Level uses different colors, as pink, orange, blue, green and others. Fine patterns usually embroider most of gloves. Today the Italian line has become very famous among other young sportsmen and their modern parents. The gloves will serve as a perfect addition to the whole sportive look. The kids winter accessories by Level can be purchased online from our website.

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