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    Every second in the world has two things with the logo with the alligator. Lacoste is a brand that managed to link two incompatible concepts first: sport and fashion.

    The Creator of the brand Lacoste, a legendary tennis player René Lacoste in 1926, entered the court in a t-shirt,made from Jersey. Until then, the tennis players played in regular shirts with long sleeves. Thus began the history of the brand Lacoste.

    Until 1951 the company produced convenient Lacoste t-shirts for sailing, tennis and Golf, and then the designer decided to experiment and introduced a new collection from Lacoste — this time not only in the usual and traditional white but also in color. Another idea Lacoste was a success. Lacoste began to export its products in the USA under the slogan “Lacoste — status symbol of the competent sportsman”. This popularity the company has achieved in the 70-ies of the last century, when in addition to the world-famous Lacoste shirts, the company also began producing a line of t-shirts, perfumes (Lacoste Essential, Lacoste Elegance, Lacoste Inspiration, and so on), optical and sunglasses, tennis shoes, fashionable casual shoes, watches and various leather goods. Also in the 70s there was the legendary Polo shirts, which started to gain popularity with the easy flow of the Lacoste. In the 80s and 90s, the Lacoste Empire has increased and strengthened its power. Boutiques opened in the U.S., Europe and Asia. By the beginning of the new Millennium the company Lacoste has reached phenomenal levels – more than 2 thousand branded retail outlets in 80 countries! Thanks to the efforts of the new chief designer Christophe Lemaire, Lacoste is now experiencing another phase of rapid development. The famous crocodile brand became more modern look by changing its color from green to silver. In manufacture of the Lacoste launched two new lines of clothing: SportWear (casual wear for active people) and Club (a line of luxury evening wear).


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