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    I Pinco Pallino Children Clothes

    I Pinco Pallino Kids Clothes
    I Pinco Pallino Children Clothes

    I PINCO PALLINO is an Italian trendy brand that was created by Stefano Cavalleri in 1982, and nowadays it is believed to be one of the most luxurious brands for children clothing and footwear. Today the I PINCO PALLINO has become so popular that it has many shops in fashionable cities around the world: Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow, Dubai, Kyiv, Lisbon and others. The lone is known of combination traditional style with creative designs, basing on the latest trends in the world of fashion. White ruffle and floral tulle dresses, floral jacquard trousers, embroidered coats, lace jackets and classic T-shirts are made from the best Italian fabrics, which will for sure provide your kid with comfort. The unusual look of each item is achieved by combining nice colors with stunning embroidery and additional patterns, such as lace bows and flowers, bright jewels and pearls etc. I PINCO PALLINO manufacturers try to satisfy the taste of each kid. For converting a small girl into a real young princess, the Italian line created a cute collection of wonderful hair bands of different style and color. All of them are embroidered with lovely colorful flowers and ribbons. Today the products of I PINCO PALLINO can be purchased online.

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