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    Hartford Kids Clothes

    Hartford may not be the most popular label you will come across, as it was created in the 70s by Yves Chareton and vintage-inspired, to be described by its founder as “stylish but not trendy”. However, the latest trends and fashion statements come and go, faster than you can enjoy them, while the timeless classics and basics stay, to be revisited, redefined, modified and perhaps even perfected by modern designers and brands. Hartford has been creating great menswear collections by reinventing vintage pieces into contemporary designs, stylish markers of good taste yet perfectly comfortable for everyday relaxed wear, while Yves Chareton’s original vision and modern interpretation of the traditional basics is a style many wardrobes could benefit from. Nowadays, you can also buy Hartford clothes for women and children, and you will probably appreciate the result of this brand combining traditional French elegance with a relaxed American style, perhaps with a touch of nostalgia. Consider also the top quality materials, functionality, durability, classic designs that have endured over the years, transformed by Hartford into modern pieces and combined for fresh-looking outfits that will compliment your personal style – why not prefer those as a practical and comfortable alternative to overly fancy fashions.

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