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    Hana Blomst children dining accessories

    Hana Blomst children dining accessories

    Hana Blomst is a well known brand that combines two different cultures of Japan and Denmark. It was established by two designers – Helle and Junichi – who were totally inspired by their small daughter, and decided to create a fashionable line that would satisfy the tastes of young generation and provide toddlers with practical items. The main feature of the line is using recycled plastic, while making their products. The founders of the company believe that using natural materials will provide kids with maximum comfort and care. The qualified manufacturers guarantee that their products were tested and corresponded to health care standards. It is worth saying that the designers try to reflect their creative ideas in each piece. Plates, bowls, containers, cups and cutlery are of bright colors, such as pink, green, blue, yellow etc.; many of the them are decorated with small animal images; pandas, giraffes, rabbits, ducks prevail in many items. The tableware is very comfortable, because it is lightweight and can be taken with oneself to any place. Container boxes are the most favorite item, which is demanded among kids. Today the line has become very popular in the countries of Europe and the United States. The products of Hana Blomst can be purchased online.

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