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    Givenchy Luxury Designer Children Clothes

    Givenchy Luxury Designer Children Clothes

    Givenchy is an iconic French fashion house founded over half a century previously. The designer brand quickly achieved incredulous success with both grown-ups and children of different ages. The brand started its activity in the fashion world from the production of couture clothes, men’s and women’s perfumery, beauty products and a great assortment of exclusive accessories. Today, it also produces an outstanding collection of quality babywear and kids’ garments for daily use and important events.

    Owing to the increasing popularity of the label’s designs of ready-to-wear clothes and accessories, Givenchy gained the reputation of a trustworthy brand that keeps up with the newest tendencies in fashion and dictates its own trends. Thanks to all this, Givenchy has become synonymous to inherent French elegance.

    Collections of a legendary French label: Original designs and unmatched quality

    Both adults’ and kids’ collections comprise bright and stylish pieces of clothing featuring graphic prints and diverse patterns. The kids’ wear designs by Givenchy are specially created with an aim to instill a good taste in fashion starting from childhood as the most valuable time in the life of every person. Givenchy’s collections comprise authentic T-shirts, boys’ shirts and trousers, as well as girls’ dresses that are developed to help every child express their personality.

    Every item of kid’s clothes from the collections of this label is characterized by the use of vibrant and bold colors and color mixtures, as well as fashionable embellishments that reflect an easily recognizable style of Givenchy brand.

    The French fashion house also develops excellent-quality streetwear for older children and teenagers. Givenchy provides a splendid selection of baby goods for newborns and little babies aged up to 18 months. Givenchy mini-me collections reflect the designs from the adult’s lines for men and women – this allows children to feel like grown-ups.

    The mini-me collection consists of premium clothes for girls, boys, and the very little ones. Every new collection by Givenchy Kids contains not just casual wear, but also dressy outfits for special events such as:

    • Luxurious dresses with sophisticated embellishments for girls;
    • Elegant boys’ wear for various important occasions characterized by the incomparable style peculiar to Givenchy fashion house;
    • A broad variety of fashionable accessories like girls’ headbands to match the chosen garment and make the outfit complete.

    The unmatched style of each piece of clothing is easily recognizable. This is expressed in:

    • Original tailoring;
    • The use of all-favorite embellishments;
    • Presence of special details like prints with illustrations and original mottos;
    • Traditional design elements and the use of vibrant color combinations among other exquisite characteristics.

    Furthermore, the safety of children is the topmost priority of this label which is largely reflected in the use of only premium-quality materials that are always natural and contain no hazardous components that may cause harm to health.

    With Givenchy Kids, every parent can give their precious ones a chance to express their personal style in fashion, especially because it is so important for every growing kid.

    History of Givenchy brand

    Givenchy was founded in mid-1950s by the French designer Hubert de Givenchy. As a future owner of the reputable fashion house, Givenchy was inspired by the success of Christian Dior and this is where the idea to establish his own label was born. Since the very foundation of the label, it has been known as a producer of haute couture and pret-a-porter designs of clothes, as well as a luxury collection of adult’s perfumes and other amazing products for grownups.

    Audrey Hepburn was the muse of Givenchy designer that had been the source of inspiration for the fashion house for over four decades. Audrey Hepburn as an American movie star once stated that Givenchy was a lot more than just a couturier as he was the creator of personalities.

    As an icon in the segment of French fashion, Givenchy label was adored by many legendary celebrities of the previous century, from Elizabeth Taylor to Wallis Simpson.

    In 1988, the fashion house was sold and Hubert de Givenchy retired seven years afterward. His business soon acquired new owners who were talented and skilled designers themselves. These included the world-famous John Galliano and Alexander McQueen among others.

    What helped Givenchy earn worldwide fame?

    Nowadays, the former business of Givenchy belongs to the LVMH transnational group. Givenchy became especially valued for his designs of adults’ and kids’ wear after the Vogue journal left a comment about his collection expressing their appreciation of his fantastic designs. Later on, the remarkable collections of Givenchy were discussed in the publications of the New York Times. It was noted that a bolder and more innovative style of Givenchy greatly differed from the conservative designs of Christian Dior.

    In the French magazine known as L’album du Figaro, Givenchy was called the forerunner of the Parisian fashion.

    Givenchy was also highly acclaimed for his simplistic styles and always affordable prices. Nowadays, the brand is still a dynamically developing label whose popularity is explained by the value of traditional and innovative designs in fashion, the use of colorful prints and marvelous handmade embroideries, attentiveness to details and the choice of only quality fabrics for future masterpieces.

    Thanks to the contribution of Givenchy, the world of fashion was renewed with fresh yet traditional designs to meet the demands of adults and kids alike.

    Modern-day collections from Givenchy Kids

    Givenchy Kids products comprise various ready-to-wear clothes and accessories designed for babies, kids of up to three years as well as older fashionistas – kids and teenagers aged from 4 to 12 years. In the collections of Givenchy, parents can find the most outstanding signature models of the fashion house such as:

    • Oversize hoodies embellished with glittery stars;
    • T-shirts with stylish mottos;
    • Bomber-jackets;
    • Jeans and other samples of denim wear;
    • Joggers;
    • Miniature versions of fashionable boots and other types of footwear;
    • Pretty accessories for girls and much more.

    A wide variety of clothes of different styles persuades parents and kids choose this label as their number-one supplier of must-have items for every day.

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