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    Emilio Pucci

    Emilio Pucci

    As a world-known Italian label that always knows what today’s fashionistas would eagerly wear, Emilio Pucci’s peak of popularity dates back to the mid-1960s. At that time, the brand’s designs became especially popular on the American market. Over the years, the label turned into a legendary fashion house whose products are now valued all over the world.

    The designer’s passion for sports was reflected in his first collections due to his interest to mountaineering. The brand’s founder was also called the “Prince of prints” as his designs of ready-to-wear and couture clothes have extremely colorful and vibrant illustrations which became the signature of his fashion house. The use of surprisingly bright colors symbolized optimism and positive attitude to life.

    Nowadays, Emilio Pucci offers a myriad of easily recognizable styles that differ from thousands of other trademarks on today’s market. The brand has a rich history and much experience in creating collections of men’s and women’s clothes and accessories. In the later years of the brand’s existence, Pucci also created a fabulous collection of babies’ and children’s clothes which represented the mini-me versions of adults’ fashion lines but still had unique features of their own.

    History of Emilio Pucci

    Emilio Pucci is one of the oldest Italian fashion houses whose collections mainly comprise pret-a-porte garments. It was founded in 1947 and became part of the first generation of Italian fashion. Same as Dior that entered the world of French fashion almost at the same time, Emilio Pucci appeared when the European market had a huge gap in new styles and fresh designs.

    The brand was established in Florence and named after its founder and first owner – Emilio Pucci di Barsento. The label had a great success in the fashion segment due to the special appeal of unusual prints and always feminine samples of clothes. Along with elegance, luxury, and the abundance of vivid colors, the brand also offered monochrome outfits made in retro style.

    Emilio Pucci started his career as a designer from the creation of clothes for women. In a few years, his fashion house gained immense popularity making a real revolution in the world of fashion. His first store was opened in Florence. Over time, the boutiques of Emilio Pucci started to appear not only in Italy, but in many other parts of the world. Every garment in his collections was marked by incredible sophistication and other charming details.

    The fashion designer became popular due to the use of a totally new approach to the modern style reflecting the best fashion tendencies of those times. What also made him famous was the production of authentic elastic textiles of his own.

    Unique color palette as a signature of the brand

    Emilio Pucci’s designs have always been marked by the rich color palette which includes 16 different hues. The use of vibrant colors has made the brand’s clothes easily recognizable on the global market.

    The story goes that the idea to use colorful prints dates back to the time when the future designer was a pilot during the WWII. The beautiful landscapes and the view of the scattered islands left a deep trace in the designer’s imagination. This is exactly why he decided to use a whole mixture of fantastic colors, prints and patterns which accompany this brand’s designs up to these days.

    As a result, Emilio Pucci was first to use the colorful futuristic prints in his future developments which had a special appeal and contributed to the rapid success of the brand. Some people even said that his designs had much in common with the expressionists’ works of art.

    Main features and characteristics of kids’ wear collections

    The mini-me collection of kids’ wear mainly targets girls from newborns to 14 years of age. This line has signature features of the iconic fashion house with legendary vibrant and geometric patterns dominating in every garment.

    • Although the prices for all children’s products by Emilio Pucci may seem a bit high, they are still quite reasonable. That’s why all of the garments are quite affordable for everyone.
    • The children’s wear of the Italian fashion house look girlie and feminine which is visible in both casual and evening dresses.
    • Every garment from this label looks extremely comfortable.
    • The carefully chosen materials are of the premium quality and some of them were even developed by the brand’s founder himself.

    Best offerings for children from Emilio Pucci fashion house

    Emilio Pucci collections for kids include elegant clothes and other vividly colored garments for young girls and teenagers. Even here the designer uses plentiful color combinations and bright prints. The range of outfits for children includes:

    • Girlie dresses and skirts;
    • Coats and jackets;
    • Accessories like bags, hairbands and hats;
    • Footwear of different styles and designs;
    • Evening outfits;
    • Leggings for teenagers;
    • Swimwear;
    • Clothes and accessories for newborns.

    Emilio Pucci is still considered one of the best fashion houses having much to offer to both adults and kids. His playful collections for girls and newborns are now popular with parents all over Europe and across the world. The comfort offered by Emilie Puccini clothes makes every girl look feminine and cute on any occasion.

    Regardless of how many designer brands one can find on today’s fashion market, the timeless style of Emilio Puccini continues to meet the tastes and preferences of all categories of customers. His clothes are still in high demand and will most definitely never go out of fashion. This is especially because all of them are manufactured in Europe as the best sign of top quality and perfect tailoring.

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