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Emile et Rose
Emile et Rose

Emile et Rose is a famous designer brand that was founded in 2002. Since the time of its inception, the brand has been providing top-quality clothes and accessories for babies and children of different ages. The main characteristic feature of the trademark is the creation of an exquisite line of high quality baby clothes for babies aged up to 2 years. The brand provides special occasion garments including dresses and miniature ties and shirts for little babies and toddlers. You will surely find a perfect gift for your baby in the collections of Emile et Rose. The collections of the brand are comprised of not only dressy outfits, but also casual kid’s wear created with the use of traditional colors for new babies, including pink, white and blue added with caramel lacing. All garments offered by the brand feature beautiful finishing due to the fact that the brand’s designers pay close attention to the detailing of every piece of clothing produced. A variety of accessories is comprised of astonishing products that will meet the taste of any child. Emile et Rose goods are produced from the softest 100% cotton material that is easy to clean and take care of.

Almost all garments presented in the brand’s collections are handcrafted and feature handmade embroidery. Significant attention is paid to the exquisite design of clothes, accessories and baby toys. The Emile et Rose brand is known for its beautifully detailed and embroidered kids’ clothing for any occasion. Emile et Rose designers use only top-quality softest and most delicate fabrics paying much attention to the finishing of every design. The collections of the brand consist of fashionable cardigans, jackets, rompers, bodysuits, coats and matching hats to meet the preferences and tastes of your little fashionista. The brand offers goods for babies aged 0-3 years. Emile et Rose occupies a leading position in the current competitive fashion industry. The most striking characteristics of the brand’s creations include exceptional design and durability of every piece of clothing. The designers are greatly concerned about the quality of products. For this reason, they use only eco-friendly materials that do not cause harm to the health of children. Bright colors of the products manufactured by Emile et Rose are likely to meet the preferences and expectations of your child. The clothes are easy to wash and comfortable to wear.

Emile et Rose designers focus on traditional manufacturing techniques. Embroideries are used to ensure that the design of every product is unique of its kind, which is the key to the company’s success. The designers lay much emphasis on the smallest details to make clothes, accessories and toys incomparably beautiful and exquisite. Nowadays, more and more parents realize that children are in need of premium goods that would be made from natural materials and feature perfect design. Emile et Rose takes into account the considerations of parents and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. The brand helps numerous parents to solve the problem of selecting clothes and accessories for their kids. Besides, the brand offers a wide range of colorful toys to make each day of your child filled with happiness and joy. One of the latest collections of clothing by Emile et Rose is comprised of stylish cotton dresses, lovely cardigans and fun teddy bears for children of different ages. It also consists of rompers for newborns made from the softest natural materials as well as a number of other clothes and accessories aimed at making your child happier with every new addition to his/her wardrobe. Choose Emile et Rose and you will never regret your choice as the brand is truly unique of its kind providing only exclusive products of newborns and older kids.

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