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Ean 13 Children Clothes

EAN 13 is a new Italian brand of clothing that was started as a small factory of tailoring T-shirts with brisk prints by the famous designer Francesco Russo. In 2006 the first collections of the company were shown, and today the EAN 13 is known for its unique style in modeling tops and other clothing not only for woman, but for children and teens as well. The name of the brand appeared because of the bar code, which consisted of 13 numbers, since then the name hasn’t been changed. Today the line is known for its expressive style in design. The main feature of the EAN 13 is using bright Swarovski elements in each product of its collections. It makes the cloth look more luxurious. Tartan, leopard, puppy, car, perfume prints and other exclusive patterns are widely offered to provide teens with the latest trends in the world of fashion. 100% cotton, denim, velour, satin are the main fabrics the EAN 13 brand tends to use. Today a lot of parents prefer the EAN 13 brand, because of the high quality of clothing the company guarantees. It is also possible to purchase the favorite item of the EAN 13 online.

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