Dior Kids Wear


Dior is among the most prestigious fashion houses existing in today’s fashion market. It has created some of the most astonishing and exquisite collections of stylish clothes, perfumes and accessories for adults and children alike. The brand was launched after the Second World War, back in 1946, when Christian Dior decided to establish his own fashion house in the heart of French fashion – Paris. The history of the brand’s children’s collection started nearly ten years later, when Princess of Monaco asked Christian Dior to create some clothes for her daughter Caroline. This is how a luxury children’s line of clothes has been launched. The baby clothes and items for older children soon became a new step in the career of Christian Dior in the sphere of kid’s fashion. During the first years of the line’s existence, the brand concentrated on creating clothes for children aged up to 4 years. The line of kids’ wear was comprised of Christening gowns embellished with silk embroidery and exquisite dresses made from delicate and soft materials. The casual models of kids’ wear were produced from the high quality materials and featured incomparable English style. Under the influence of the world-leading designer John Galliano, the line of kids’ were was soon expanded to cater for the needs of children up to 12 years of age.

Today, the kids’ wear collections of Dior are comprised of elegant sundresses and casual dresses, items of knitwear, stylish skirts, trendy shoes and fashionable hats for girls. As for the boys’ collection, the brand has created a number of stylish suits, jeans, leather jackets and light T-shirts. If you are looking for something comfortable for your baby to wear day after day, the brand offers a nice variety of bodysuits, shirts, skirts and dresses to match your preferences and tastes. Every child will absolutely adore wearing the creations of Dior as they are characterized with supreme quality of fabrics and exclusive design that will definitely be to the liking of any kid. The Dior brand is associated with the leading trademark in the fashion industry. The company has been specializing in the production of high quality clothes, accessories, cosmetics and footwear since its very inception. Nowadays, it offers a great variety of products for children that help to create a perfect look and ensure that your child looks great and feels good at the same time. Every little kid will enjoy wearing footwear and clothes by Dior and you yourself will be pleased with the quality of every item.

The clothing and footwear by Dior helps children to develop self-confidence and to reveal their individual style. Dior has long been a highly successful brand in the competitive market of kids’ fashion. The products of the brand are now distributed to many countries across the world. A variety of trousers, dresses, jackets and other items of kids’ wear will be a wonderful addition to your child’s wardrobe to keep your kids’ looks updated at all times. Dior stands for a luxurious lifestyle brand whose designers pay much attention to the quality of their products. They create gorgeous items of kids’ wear that reflect inherently French style added with elegant design and luxury. Almost all collections of Dior for children are highly impressive due to the colorful prints, stylish decorative elements and embroidery featuring every item of kids’ clothing. Nowadays, the collections of the brand are available online. Customers have a chance to purchase exclusive kids’ wear and accessories by Dior for a highly affordable price. Don’t miss your chance to find something exceptional for your precious one in the collections of kids’ clothes offered by the brand.

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