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Cuquito Baby Pre-walker Shoes

CUQUITO is a modern Spanish brand of footwear for children aged 0 to 3 years. The fashion line was firstly established in Valencia in 1963, where a family tried to create a new product, combining different designs and elements. Their efforts were not thrive less, as since then the small Valencian shop has gained a big success not only in the country of its birth, but also in other fashionable capitals of Europe. The main feature of CUQUITO is making footwear for newborns, because due to the manufacturers’ opinion, it is important to provide the baby with comfortable shoes beginning from his first steps. The designers pay big attention not only to the look of a shoe, but also to its practicality. Thanks to well experienced designers, the shoe is made in such way that helps to maintain the child’s foot in its natural position. Booties with fur, snake-skin shoes, diamond and leopard print shoes are made from high quality leather. The creativity of the brand’s manufacturers emphasizes on the gentle and stylish look of a baby, following the classical traditions of fashion. Nowadays, parents prefer CUQUITO shoes for their babies, as the mix of style, goodness and comfort are surely guaranteed. Online purchasing is also available.

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