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    Country Kids socks and tights

    COUNTRY KIDS is a brand known for fabricating practical tights and socks for children. It was established in 1983. The brand is mainly focused on tailoring products of high quality. It mostly uses such soft material, as 100% cotton, adding stretchy microfiber. But unlike other brands, COUNTRY KIDS tries to make their items not only comfortable, but also beautiful. Swarovski elements, diamante gems, frilly lace details, ruffles and other embroideries take big part in making the item more attractive and stylish. The colorful and plain socks and tights will fit both for boys and girls aged 0 to 14 years. Today many parents prefer buying high quality clothing to provide their kids with comfort. COUNTRY KIDS line guarantees you the highest goodness of its products. It is worth noticing that the manufacturers pay attention also to adding interesting patterns. You can come across cotton spotty tights, frilly footless tights, checked socks, animal print tights and others. Nowadays the COUNTRY KIDS line has become demanded in many countries. The brand tries to satisfy the taste both of parents and their children. It is not less important that every item of the production of COUNTRY KIDS can be purchased online by its customers.

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