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    Bonnie Jean
    Bonnie Jean

    Bonnie Jean is a family business of Max Gerson and his brother. It was established in 1935, and its purpose has been to meet the needs and wishes of little girls ever since. The brand has been producing trendy and stylish dresses since its very inception. Last year, the company celebrated its 80th year of bringing pleasure and joy of a new dress to little girls all around the world. The company has been distributing dresses worldwide since the year 1970 under the brand Bonnie Jean. Even today, the company remains a family-owned business and continues to create delightful dresses to make the dreams of every little princess come to life. Over the years, the brand has maintained an idea that their dresses should make little girls feel beautiful and self-confident. The philosophy of the brand is revealed in the following: “Make the best product possible, never sacrifice quality, and maintain affordable prices”. Indeed, the company’s founders have been loyal to the brand’s philosophy since the very inception of the trademark. They continue to ensure that they create beautifully designed dresses that are characterized by exceptional quality and available for a highly affordable price. The idea of never sacrificing quality is reflected in every creation of the trademark.

    Although it has been challenging to maintain the same values till nowadays, it has also been a source of delight and inspiration to the brand’s founders. The company has seen tremendous growth and has developed into an iconic trademark that is likely to please girls with new dresses for many generations to come. The brand offers dresses for little babies and older girls. The creations of the brand are available in different sizes to meet the needs of all customers. Besides, the brand’s dresses are created with the use of finest materials characterized by softness to the touch and extreme delicacy. If you are looking for something your girl would adore wearing on a special occasion, you are welcome to check out a variety of beautiful and trendy dresses to be worn at some important events in the life of your child. The brand also offers a variety of casual summer dresses for every day. From infants to toddlers, the brand has something for everyone. The style of every dress is designed with high quality in mind to ensure the satisfaction of young customers and their parents. The dresses produced by the brand are available in abundance in the spring/summer collections so you have a lot to choose from.

    The range of Bonnie Jean creations includes party dresses, baby dresses and western dresses all of which are characterized by supreme quality of fabrics and exclusive design. Bonnie Jean designers are always trying to achieve the highest level of satisfaction among their younger and older customers. The trademark represents a lifestyle brand that offers world-class services and products to its clients to meet their expectations and preferences. Bonnie Jean is for everyone who is fond of kids’ fashion and wants their girls to wear only top-quality clothes designed with love for childhood in mind. Once you look through the collections of the brand, you will never want to search for anything else, as Bonnie Jean has something exclusive for everyone. It creates fantastic designs and fabulous styles that will surely reveal the individual taste and personal style of your little one. The brand continues to expand and grow catering for the needs of its little customers. Check out the terrific range of dresses provided by the brand to find something exceptional for your little princess and you will be pleased to see a happy smile on her face.

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