Belly Button Baby Wear


BELLY BUTTON is a famous German line of clothing for pregnant women that was created in 1997 by five women who were waiting for the birth of their own babies. They knew very well what kind clothes are the best to wear while a woman is pregnant. According to their own wishes and to advices of others, they found that the most important thing is the quality of the item – that is the reason of making clothes only from natural materials. Also the item must have enough space while wearing it to provide the woman with movement even when she is pregnant. BELLY BUTTON tries to satisfy not only those who are going to become mothers, but also their babies. The brand BELLY BUTTON created a special collection for newborns too, as they need clothing including blankets, towels etc. from the first days for their life. There is no any necessity to buy the product in the shop itself; mothers can do it online, choosing their favorite model and color that suits both for girls and boys. It is possible to buy comfortable overalls, trousers, dresses etc. of high quality. The BELLY BUTTON uses only materials of high quality – mostly it is 100% cotton.

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