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Bamboo Baby organic kids clothing

Bamboo Baby organic kids clothing

Bamboo Baby is one of the most extraordinary brands that was established in Britain in 1006 by Sophie Tostevin. Though the line is a new one in the fashion market, it has gained a big success during the last years. The fact is that Bamboo Baby, as you can understand from its name, produces organic clothing from bamboo tree for young children. The main goal of the qualified designers is to provide babies, toddlers and young children with maximum care and comfort starting from their first days of life. They assure that bamboo is the perfect fabric for newborns, as it is very soft like cashmere material and practical as well. Long sleeved dresses, cute shorties, baby grows with smart collars, hooded zip-up tops and other items are represented in wide variety. To make the whole look more remarkable, the designers add nice ruffles, striped and spotted patterns, cotton and ribbon bows. Besides, young children are offered denim trousers and festive dresses made from 100% silk. Bamboo Baby has a small collection of delicate accessories; among them are stylish hair bands, knitted scarves and mittens etc. today it is already possible to purchase the products of Bamboo Baby online too.

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