If you are looking for the designer, which would offer bright, qualitative collections with much attention to detail, pay attention to Avoca. Everything started from traditionally tailored suits and then this tendency was reconsidered, designs were developed further, being turned into innovations of clothing for stylish people. Using all their inspiration, designers of Avoca presented unusual forms and exploited all their unexpected ideas to create new collections and pieces. We choose only the best and the most interesting fabrics and trims for our garments, production is placed in Europe. There are separate collections of knitwear, which are issued in partnership with our Italian colleagues and these collections are presented from season to season. Simple design, but comfortable and perfect fit, appropriate for office or just every day occasions. For creating a tender and sweet image, it is possible to choose this great little vest using a garment dye technique. The perfect basic with lace detailing, it would look nice with trousers, as well as a matching skirt. Its composition is 80% COTTON 20% POLYAMIDE. The color is not bright, still it doesn’t look gloomy. Summer time is perfect for wearing natural and light fabrics, for creating light and stylish images. You would be able to do it with beautiful silk and cotton mix top with a fabby botany print. It is made of 65 % COTTON 35% SILK. Taking into consideration the variety of colors, it could be matched with various trousers or skirts. Or you could add beautiful silk and cotton mix skirt with a fabby botany print, creating a great combination. If you think that all jackets are dark and gloomy, we are ready to reassure you, offering one, made from a super soft Italian fabric the roving jacket is a great addition to jeans! I It is not only stylish, but also comfortable.


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