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Anne-Claire Petit kids toys & furniture

Anne-Claire Petit kids room furniture

Anne-Claire Petit is a luxurious brand of stylish staff for your child. The existing of the line started only in 2002 in the Netherlands, when the young designer Anne-Claire created a bear toy. Since then she has not stopped modeling new stunning toys and accessories for babies and young parents. Now the collection consists of more than 250 items of art, décor, furniture etc. Anne believes that besides creating a lovely look of a toddler, it is also very important to provide him with a cozy atmosphere at home and making his own place not less stylish. For that reason a great variety of fashionable objects is offered for contemporary homes. The main toy – the bear in a striped colorful top – still remains being the most demanded. Both baby boys and girls can enjoy a diversity of other cute animals too. It is also worth noticing, that a nice soft toy will serve as a perfect gift for a birthday party or any other special event. Anne-Claire Petit has become very popular in European countries and now the line has its shops in more than 40 countries already. The products of Anne-Claire Petit are available for online purchasing as well.

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