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    Annafie Baby Clothes

    Annafie is a brand of fashionable children’s clothing. This brand is widely popular. Annafie was founded in 2005 by Elizabet Kospoth. This company based in Germany. However, the company now operates in key markets in Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Holland. Elizabet Graefin von Kospoth used the name of her daughter Anne Sophie to create the brand name. The trade name combines two part of daughtr’s name. There are “Anna” and “fie”. Elizabet Kospoth produces a creative fashion designs as well as the brand name. Annafie’s company creates clothes for children from 6 months to 12 years. The company produces children’s clothing for all seasons. Brand Annafie offers bibs, children’s overalls and caps for the christening of babies. For little princesses Annafie Company offers a range of dresses, blouses, nightgowns and pajamas in different colors. For boys Annafie offers suits, vests, sweaters, pajamas. The company also produces charming accessories: children’s hair ornaments, incredibly beautiful dresses for dolls. Nowadays, the Annafie clothing is available online at affordable prices. All products that manufactured by Annafie are made of high quality material. This exclusive designer clothes full of freshness, lightness and comfort. Kids look nice and feel happy wearing this clothing.

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