Agatha Ruiz dela Prada Baby Clothes


Agatha Ruiz dela Prada joined to the fashion world in 1981. Her first studio was opened in Spanish. In the 90’s Agatha began to expand the range of products. In 1991 Agatha licensed her brand and today it present in more over 140 countries around the world. Her collections regularly appear on fashion podium. Agatha Ruiz dela Prada pays attention on the smallest details, when she creates baby cloth. Also she likes to use a combination of bright colors and forms and take courageous design solutions. Bright colors are a peculiarity of clothing and footwear of Agatha’s brand. The world through the eyes of Agatha is a world full of color, joy and life. Clothing of this brand is like a source of inspiration and it gives a feeling of celebration. Bright colors appear often in the form of hearts, flowers, balloons, butterflies. So, unique style of Agatha is always recognizable. Agatha’s brand offer children clothes for each season. It can be snowsuits, coats, hats, scarves, dresses, trousers and even swimsuit and shoes. The company makes baby wear of cotton. So, it will be comfortable in such clothes. Parents become happier choosing children’s clothing, which is a so color. And children become happier in such soft, bright and comfortable clothes.