Designer Denim for Boys

Designer Denim for Boys

The combination of denim and cotton fabrics is very popular nowadays. Levi’s brand, which is known as one of the main lines of creating amazing and high quality clothing from denim, is glad to represent customer the new model of jacket. The body of it is of faded effect with two pockets of the chest. The sleeves and hood are made from 100% cotton. The hood can be removed or attached if necessary. The jacket is fastened with front buttons. The outwear will have more stylish look with a pair of cool denim trousers.

Young boys adore Marvel comics; they usually read and watch all the movies. But now they have the chance of wearing clothing with the main characters of Marvel. Look at this short sleeved T-shirt with the picture of Captain America. The top itself is white, and the print is of pale blue color with bright red lettering at the bottom. The T-shirt has a traditional oval neck. Every boy will be very glad with such a cool piece in his wardrobe.

When the weather in summer is not very hot, and even cool, it is very nice to wear jeans. This pair by Moschino Teen will be perfect for your boy. The dark blue denim trousers have a faded design, which looks very fancy. It also have an adjustable waist, which create a nice fitting on body. The logo of Moschino Teen – the letter “M” – is placed on the front of the jeans. It is in the style of stone age and comes in gray color.

Different kinds of accessories play very important role in creating a look of young boys. Sometime, it is necessary to add something in order to match the casual or formal appearance. This belt by Little Marc Jacobs will look better with a pair of cotton or denim trousers. The inner of it is dark blue, but the outside is of red color with a metal buckle fastening. The logo of Little Marc Jacobs is reflected there.

Cartons and cartoon characters are mainly used on clothing and different accessories. The last collection of Little Eleven Paris offers a big variety of summer caps with prints of the most popular Disney animals. Though these are cartoons, but the items look very stylish. A baseball cap like this is adored by young generation. It creates a sportive style. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck can be seen on the cap. The size can be defined with choosing the necessary hole at the back.

Moschino Kid-Teen offers the opportunity to choose nice shoes of any occasion. Its new summer collection impresses both children and parents with a variety of footwear. For example, these slip-on shoes attract the view at once thanks the dinosaur spikes all over. They are made from artificial leather, but provided with high quality rubber sole, which is of white color. The shoes will look great with a pair of pale or dark jeans and a bright T-shirt with a funny print.

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