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    Boys Wild Jungle Outfit


    This year all famous brands try to follow the last tendencies in the modern world of fashion. They use all stylish tricks and create fancy and unique designs. If talking about GF Ferre, the line has a new model of T-shirt to offer to customers. Now young girls can enjoy a nice white top with bright pink trims around the shoulders, neck and hem. There is a self tie at the bottom. A funny print of zebra can be seen on the front. The animal is dressed in a T-shirt and skirt with big pink bow on waist. The zebra is covered with small bright diamante gems.

    This season will be a real sensation in the world of fashion. Each model and design of clothing is unique; each brand uses original and well looking designs. Super Trash Girls offer this lovely T-shirt for young girls. The main attention is paid to the images of zebras on the front. They are printed in their traditional black and white color. The top itself comes in pale gray color. Black colored fringes embroider the item at the bottom. The fabric will create a soft and pleasant feeling, while wearing the cloth.

    Has your girl ever been to the safari? Well, if not, Pampolina offers a nice possibility to get acquainted with one of the most adored animals in the safari – the zebra. Here, on this T-shirt, a herd of beautiful zebras is printed on a bright background. This top has vivid colors and perfectly suits for wearing during summer time. The T-shirt will nicely go with a skirt of summer shorts.

    Zebras are so beautiful and unique animals. They attract children a lot, because of the unusual coloring of body – these black and white stripes look great. Paul Smith Junior decided to provide baby boys with clothing with a nice print of zebra. The T-shirt comes in pale blue color, especially for boys; the front is decorated with a picture of a funny astronaut zebra with colorful red, orange and blue stripes. Some white stars can be also seen there. Poppers are placed on one shoulder.

    Young boys like wearing clothing of casual style, as it is very comfortable and can be combined with any bottoms. This lovely T-shirt by Paul Smith Junior is the perfect option to wear with Bermuda shorts or denim trousers. The color of the item is bright yellow. It comes with short sleeves and a nice zebra print is placed on the front in cool design. The clothing is made from high quality cotton, so the kid will be provided with nice and soft feeling.

    Each style of a young boy should be matched with a pair of stylish shoes. It is also necessary that the footwear will suit to the design of clothing. the new tendency of using safari prints, is also represented in footwear. Moschino Kid-Teen has nice model of slip on shoes of zebra pattern. It comes in green and black color without any fastening. The upper is made from textile, and the sole is rubber.

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