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White Rabbit England lamps & other decor for kids room

White Rabbit England lamps & other decor for kids room

White Rabbit England is a well known British line of décor accessories and items for making the room of a baby or child cozy. The founders of the brand – Charlotte and Victoria – created a special collection of night lamps in order to prevent the toddler from dark fear during nighttime. The main feature of these pieces is the fact of modeling them in unique shapes of animals, such as rabbits, pigs, owls etc; there can be also seen mushrooms and Christmas trees. They are all made from high quality material that will serve for long time. Besides, each lamp is finely embroidered with bright and vivid colors that all children like so much. They will attract the view of the smallest ones. White Rabbit England represents a wide variety of beddings. Soft blankets and cushions are made from 100% cotton poplin, which will provide the kid with comfort and care during all time. The designers try to satisfy the tastes both of girls and boys; for this reason they use pale blue, pink, ivory and white colors. A toy of a bear and other animals can be found online; make a nice present for your child’s birthday by ordering a cute toy through the Internet online shop.

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