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Trunki suitcases & other travel accessories for kids

Trunki suitcases & other travel accessories for kids

Trunki is a well known brand of practical accessories and items for toddlers and infants that will both attract the kid and make parents’ life easier. The main feature of Trunki is using bright colors, such as yellow, orange, pink, blue, green and others – it will capture the attention for sure. The founders supply children with useful products when going for a long trip too. Soft travel pillows will allow the child sleep during long ways without any discomfort. They are colorful and finely embroidered with additional elements of animal’s head. If going for hiking a backpack will be a good choice to pack all necessary things. Knapsacks by Trunki are all of different shape; they come with funny and cool images of cartoon characters, monsters and other impressive prints. Besides, adjustable straps and padded back is a big advantage. Each child will have a remarkable look when travelling. It is worth saying that each piece is made from best materials that are safe for child’s health. The brand guarantees to provide buyers with maximum comfort and care. Trunki has become very demanded among modern travelers, who are fond of new feelings. So if your child is a real adventurer, order practical items for traveling by Trunki online.

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