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TALES FROM THE EARTH gifts & accessories for kids

TALES FROM THE EARTH gifts & accessories for kids

TALES FROM THE EARTH is a known as a perfect brand of amazing accessories and ideal gifts for young children. It is focused on manufacturing high quality angel keepsakes, delicate necklaces and other unique items. The qualified manufacturers assure that the sterling silver, which is used in creating the items, is safe for your kid. It will not cause any harm to his skin or get darken. TALES FROM THE EARTH guarantees to parents to serve very long time and please young children. The mode demanded and unique gift of the brand is a pocket of five silver miniatures life’s charms. It consists of different icons: flower, which means inspiration, key – empowerment, shamrock – luck, heart – love and friendship and angel – a symbol of protection. Modern parents adore this present and tend to buy it most of all. TALES FROM THE EARTH offers nice items especially for a christening of a child. Cute silver plated “first curl box” can serve as a perfect place to keep a baby’s first curl. Today TALES FROM THE EARTH is popular in many countries of Europe and the United States. Parents are already able to purchase the products of TALES FROM THE EARTH online as well.

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