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ROBERTO CAVALLI children designer clothes

ROBERTO CAVALLI children designer clothes

ROBERTO CAVALLI is one of the most luxurious Italian brands that is famous all around the world. The line was created by Roberto Cavalli, who opened the first shop when he was under his thirties. The main feature of the brand is using animal prints in all clothing – that makes ROBERTO CAVALLI special and unique. The children collection was created much later, but celebrities already tend to dress their own kids in products of the Italian brand, thanks the high quality of clothing. The qualified manufacturers use natural fabrics, such as 100% cotton, denim, wool, silk, chiffon and others. It is worth noticing that Roberto creates children clothing that are focused on adult’s models. Leopard dresses, yellow and green citrus zip-up hooded tops, vintage shorts, sea life denim trousers and cotton T-shirts with giraffe and elephant prints are already adored by many boys and girls. Besides, there is a big collection of remarkable accessories. Each fantastic look can be more stunning thanks leather belts, bright scarves, leopard mitten with ribbon bows and stylish ready ties for boys. Babies are offered cure baby bibs and even soft toys in the shape of leopards. The products of ROBERTO CAVALLI can be purchased online.

Roberto Cavalli Kids Clothes
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