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Pom d’api Children Footwear


Pom d’Api, a French kids shoe brand, has been a family business since 1870, which accounts for long experience, remarkable skill and know-how in the complicated manufacturing process that demands extra attention to every detail. When making shoes for children, as well as when choosing them, there’s nothing more important than quality of the materials and proper fit. Footwear for your children should be light, comfortable, ensuring easy movement, natural development and growth of their feet, and it should also have a non-slip sole. It is best to choose reputable brands with significant experience in shoemaking, avoiding cheaper options of questionable origins and quality. Therefore, if you buy Pom d’Api shoes, you can be sure of making a good and smart choice. Made from the finest natural materials with over 200 different processes to ensure the highest quality, and providing a great variety of styles and colors, they are perfect for your boy’s, girl’s or baby’s feet. Boots, sandals and sneakers, ballet flats, baby shoes and those reliable “first steps” companions, comfortable and durable, with fun decorative details and accents such as scratched, bright-colored, pastel or metallic leather – they delight children and parents, proudly carrying the name of one of the most popular children’s footwear brands.

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