Paul Smith


Paul Smith – a British brand specializing in the production of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, shoes, underwear, swimwear and accessories luxury segment. Also produces watches, perfumes, textiles and accessories for the interior, provides a service for tailoring suits. Paul Smith in England founded the brand in 1976. Significant feature Paul Smith is a print of the 28 or 14 different color bands.

In 2013 the brand is represented in 35 countries by more than 200 monobrand boutiques.

Paul Smith Jeans – line of men’s clothing in sport-casual style.

The range is wide; the design is often interesting and original. The quality varies from the usual (good, but not always the appropriate price) to high. Prices are high and very high. Production countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, China.

In addition, many items of the brand Paul Smith in appearance seems to be quite ordinary, but on closer examination turn out to be more interesting. In particular, the characteristic Paul Smith jackets and trousers with bright colored pads flowered. One of the buttons on the sleeve of a jacket or vest might be different from the rest. Part of the jacket can be sewn from fabric in one strip, and a portion – to another. In addition, it is not immediately noticeable.

Over the past 25 years, the brand Paul Smith firmly established itself as an innovator in the world of fashion.

Its collections are mainly produced in England and Italy, from fabrics of Italian, French and English descent.

Paul Smith is still an integral part of the company, constantly participating in all areas of business.

He can always learn from other designers. Its main feature – is a constant search for new, what is already known, but it is not revealed until the end.


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