Laranjinha Baby Clothes


Laranjinha is a prestigious fashion brand that has been creating fashionable outfits for boys and girls since 1981. The production of the brand is oriented on babies and children of different ages. The business is located in Portugal and was started as a Hall & Ca Company in Oporto. The brand is proud of providing clothes and accessories for the modern generation of fashionistas aged from 0 to 8 years old. The trademarks offers a whole assortment of goods including underwear, outer clothes and accessories that are all produced according to the highest standards of quality. The brand presents classical yet highly innovative lines of products for medium-high segment in kids’ fashion market. Laranjinha uses only soft and delicate materials like cotton for the creation of unique designs of kids’ wear to make children feel comfortable and be happy day after day. The garments of the brand are all designed and manufactured in Portugal and then exported to over 20 countries across the world. All of these aspects combined with efforts made by the company’s designers allowed the brand to achieve great results both in local and international markets.

It is a great pleasure for Laranjinha designers to see how the dreams of little fashionistas come to life. They continue to provide little customers with various fashionable outfits for everyday wear and special occasions. The brand’s collections are aimed at clients with common requirements but different characteristics. That is why the brand creates several different lines of kids’ wear to diversify its production and make every child look incomparable and not like anyone else. You will find a number of trendy and unique outfits in the collections of Laranjinha. Discover the world of truly unique design created by the brand and you will definitely find something suitable for your child. Laranjinha products are currently distributed not only through luxury fashion boutiques of Italy, but also through only stores where you can find the same range of products of a highly reasonable price. The brand is dedicated to making dreams of little customers come true. It provides various beautifully designed bodysuits and underwear for babies as well as jumpsuits, sets and rompers for older kids.

The collections of Laranjinha for toddlers are comprised of polo T-shirts, shirts, dresses, blouses, shorts and pants that are all made from the finest-quality fabrics to meet your requirements and expectations. The creations of the brand are aimed at pleasing young fashion-lovers and satisfying the needs of both children and parents. The Portuguese brand Laranjinha is oriented on every child who is fond of classical and traditional design added with innovative features and incomparable finishing. The clothes of the brand are beautifully embellished with various decorative elements. The brand’s designers pay much attention to every detail in the design of diverse outfits for kids. The fabrics and materials are carefully selected to meet the standards of quality and satisfy customers. The clothes, footwear and accessories of the brand are created in a variety of colors and hues that range from beige and pink to white and blue. The delicate pastel colors make every creation of the brand look incomparably beautiful and stylish. Check out the range of luxury goods offered by Laranjinha and you are sure to find a number of trendy outfits for your child. Your child will most definitely fall in love with the luxury products offered by the brand, and you yourself will be pleased with the quality and design of every item of kids’ wear. The brand caters for the needs of parents and their children providing quality and beautiful clothing to be worn day after day. Don’t hesitate to make the right choice!

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