Ladia Kids Wear


Ladia is a celebrated Italian fashion brand that has been born from the idea of its creator, Mrs. Ladia. The brand currently specializes in the production of clothes and accessories for children. Due to the enthusiasm and passion of its founder, the brand has grown into a milestone in the segment of kids’ fashion. Ladia is aimed at the higher level of the kids’ fashion market and offers three diverse collections of clothes known as Ladia, Ladia Chic and Cerimonia. They are specially designed for newborn babies, toddlers and older children. All clothes and accessories of the brand are entirely produced in Italy, where the whole production process takes place. You can find the products of the brand in the best globally known stores in Italy and across the world. The clothes and accessories are designed with love and passion for children in mind. The collections bristle with satin and silk dresses with floral embellishments and tulle skirts that look incredibly cute on little girls. The dresses produced by the brand have secure fastenings and zips that ensure maximum durability of clothing. Ladia remains a leader in the production of fashionable and dressy baby wear and children’s clothes for various occasions.

The clothes and accessories of the brand are made in a variety of colors and shades, including ivory, beige, white, pink and other pastel colors. The palette is very rich, which makes the brand’s products ideal for wearing at various events that require your child to be dressed up perfectly and impeccably. The brand’s clothes are hand washable being very easy to clean due to the quality of materials they are made from. The designers of the brand pay close attention to the quality of fabrics chosen for the future creations. Every piece of clothing is characterized with supreme Italian quality following all existing standards and norms. This makes the brand’s creations absolutely safe for children. The brand uses various fabrics such as satin, silk and delicate cotton that are all soft to the touch and provide extreme comfort to children. Children absolutely adore wearing Ladia clothes and accessories due to their impeccable design and unforgettable finishing. Ladia designers pay much attention to the smallest details to create exquisite tailoring of every piece of clothing produced. The brand is oriented on children of various age groups making its products universal and suitable for newborn babies and older kids alike.

Ladia is an extremely popular brand with a wide customer base. It has long entered the global market of kids’ fashion and occupies a steady position in this industry. Ladia is for everyone who is keen about making their children look great and feel good at the same time. The clothes and accessories by Ladia can be worn both on a daily basis and at special occasions like birthday parties and other important events in the life of your kid. The brand is oriented towards providing quality clothing for a highly reasonable price. That is why more and more parents choose this brand not only because it provides fashionable and luxury clothing, but also due to the fact that the products of the brand are reasonably cheap. This makes Ladia a number one choice if you are looking for something special yet cheap for your child. The brand represents a promising and ever-growing trademark that continues to expand and conquer new markets in the kid’s fashion industry. It remains a leading trademark in terms of quality and design. By choosing Ladia, you choose high quality, exceptional style, beautiful finishing and perfect look. All this is incorporated in the kids’ wear collections of the trademark. Don’t hesitate to look through the collections of Ladia to find something exclusive for your little fashionista.

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