Frugi Kids Wear

frugi KIDS wear

Frugi is a promising fashion brand that creates beautiful and colorful clothes for boys and girls alike. We are proud to present kids’ wear from an award-winning Frugi label whose collections are oriented on newborns and children aged up to 8 years. The brand is distinguished by its 100% organic and ethical products that are available in different colors and sizes. The creations of the brand are soft and brightly colored so that your child will have a perfect look wearing them. The gorgeous collections of kids’ wear produced by Frugi are characterized by the use of only authentic materials of the highest quality. Children absolutely adore wearing the clothes and footwear offered by Frugi. The brand is a creation of a husband and wife team of designers who launched the company in order to be able to create something special for their first son. They noticed that other companies do not produce large nappies and it was clear that many other parents are also faced with this problem. Thus, the pair of designers decided to establish their own brand to fill the gap in the market of children’s clothing and accessories with new fashionable and handy items that meet the preferences and expectations of parents.

The clothes of Frugi are not only stylish, but also environmentally friendly, as they are produced from organic cotton and other natural authentic fibers. Outstanding designs also contribute to the success of the brand making numerous babies and toddlers happier with every new day. The clothes are specially designed to make your child smile. Frugi makes sure that the clothes offered to the customers are also durable apart from being stylish. The fabrics used in the production process are extremely soft and not scratchy, while the seams on every item of clothing are strong and durable, which protects clothing from wear and tear. This means that by choosing Frugi, you choose not only exceptional design and unforgettable style, but also durability and functionality. Every piece of clothing is designed with love for children in mind. Besides, the clothes are ethically made from top to bottom. Frugi brand does not use any chemicals in the production process, so their products do not cause any harm to the environment and what is more important to the health of children.

Frugi clothes are produced at a trade factory where all of the employees exceed the age of 19 years and get a decent hourly wages to make them satisfied with the work conditions and produce extraordinary baby wear with much passion and enthusiasm. If you want your child to be dressed up perfectly day after day, Frugi would be a number-one choice as its products provide maximum comfort to children without restricting their movements. Furthermore, every piece of clothing is characterized with extraordinary style and fantastic design. Frugi clothing is a must-have item in the wardrobe of every child. Consider looking through the collections of Frugi to find exclusive outfits for your baby. This brand is for everyone who is keen of fashion and wants their babies to be dressed to perfection on a daily basis, not just at special events. However, the brand also offers clothing for special occasions in the life of your child, such as Christening and birthday parties. That is why you have a great opportunity to choose something special for your baby from the collections of Frugi to make your kid look great on some important day in his/her life. Today, the products of the brand are available in online stores for a highly reasonable and affordable price. Check out the collections of the brand to find out more.

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