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Cuddledry organic bath clothing & accessories for kids

Cuddledry organic bath clothing & accessories for kids

Cuddledry is a well known brand that offers a lot of necessary items both for young mothers and their babies. It was established by two mom and friends – Helen and Polly – who reflected their own demands and wishes. The line started its existing when the women produced the famous kid’s bath towel that could be attached to the adult’s one. But with the recognizing of the company in many places, it began manufacturing other objects, which make the life of young parents easier. Helen and Polly assure that it is very important to supply families with high quality items that will not only serve as a good helper, but be of the best quality. The brand guarantees to provide kids with maximum comfort starting from their first days of life. Cute bath robes, colorful poncho and swim towels are made from 100% soft cotton, velour, wool fabrics. Cuddledry also represents a nice collection of changing mats and wash products. Besides, soft and bath toys will be adored by toddlers for sure. The famous duck prevail in many of items. Special sets of toweling and toys can serve as a nice present for a birthday too. The products of Cuddledry can be purchased online.

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