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Colors of California Kids Shoes

Colors of California
Colors of California

Colors of California is a luxury shoe producing brand symbolizing freedom. The colorful footwear is a symbol of exclusive style that is enhanced when the shoes are paired with a stylish outfit. The brand was established by a fashion designer Simone Ponziani in Italy back in the end of 1980s. It was founded as a sportswear brand and soon turned into a widely popular trademark that conquered the hearts of adults and children alike. Colors of the California brand is mostly known for the creation of wellies and flip-flops, but today, you can also find stylish sneakers and fashionable boots in the collections of the brand. The trademark’s designers use bold and bright colors for their creations added with the finest-quality textured materials following the strictest norms and standards of quality. The footwear is embellished with zips and studs that make the brand remain at the forefront of kids’ fashion. Stylish creations of the brand’s designers have long become popular with little fashionistas and their parents. Colors of California remains an iconic brand with a long and rich history, during which the designers of the brand have gained knowledge and experience in kids’ fashion. The brand continues to please its customers with new fashionable additions to their wardrobes.

Colors of California is a youth trademark that despite its name is actually of Italian origin. It was established in the heart of Italian fashion – Florence. Since the time of its establishment, the brand has been producing bright and sensible collections of kids’ wear penetrated with sports style and a variety of fabulous designs. The brand’s specialists use synthetic materials in the process of production. These include plastic, vinyl, fabrics and other materials that are meant to protect footwear from getting wet in rainy weather. Such kind of footwear is ideal for outdoor activities and urban life. The brand’s designers use only top-quality materials that at the same time allow cutting costs for the shoe models of the brand. The trademark is currently known all over the world for their high-quality ballet shoes and plastic sandals as well as comfortable sneakers and moccasins for children, teenagers and adults alike. The brand also offers a wide assortment of boots and rain boots that are featured with a classic design and reflect the brand’s reputation of a leading provider of kids’ footwear for cold autumn and winter days. The brand provides a truly astonishing variety of footwear suitable for wearing at different occasions and in different weather.

Colors of California has managed to turn into a prosperous producer of footwear for children and adults during a relatively short period of time. Its popularity with younger and older customers is explained by the use of high-quality materials and fabrics and the outstanding styles of every model of footwear provided by the brand. Colors of California is for everyone who is fond of fashion and wants to look great and feel good in any situation. The footwear of the brand provides extreme comfort to the children’s feet and is totally safe for their health being made of supreme materials following the strictest European norms of quality. This ensures that your child’s feet will be comfortable in any weather. The brand is known not only for its superb designs, but also for maximum comfort of its footwear. Ballet shoes and sandals are ideal for hot summer days. They are light and convenient to wear, so that your child will feel good during various energetic activities outdoors. The designs of the brand also ensure that your kid will look his/her best in any situation. The brand offers footwear for boys and girls of different age groups. The collections of the brand bristle with bright colors and colorful patterns. Check out the collections of Colors of California without hesitation!

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