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Caramel au Sucre Baby Jewellery & Clothes


CARAMEL AU SUCRE is a famous French brand created by a well-known designer Viviane Deutsch that offers clothing and accessories for newborns and young children. Viviane Deutsch emphasizes on making garments only from natural materials. In tailoring she prefers using cashmere and 100% cotton, as she thinks that newborns must be provided with comfort just from the first days of their life. The famous designer also believes that an item from her collection will be the best gift for a newborn. Stylish jumpers, knitted cashmere coats, baby booties, sweaters and trousers sets are made with a unique style that couldn’t be find in any other brand for babies. The soft and light colors are used in all products to make the baby feel himself comfortable. Free cutting and convenient zippers will provide the child with free movements all the time. Besides the lovely and stylish clothing, Viviane Deutsch produces jewelry for the little ones as well. She suggests nice silver chains, pearl bracelets and bracelets with flower garland details and diamantes. The ideal combination of high quality clothing with a fitting accessory will create the perfect image of a kid. Young mothers can purchase the items of the CARAMEL AU SUCRE online.

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