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Brio kids toys

Brio kids toys

Brio is one of the most luxurious brands of unique toys, which was created in Sweden in 1884 by three brothers. They have got the factory from their father, who was making wooden toys. The name of the brand can be transcribes as “Brothers Ivarson from Obsi”; Obsi is the city where the fabricating is taking place. Though the history of the line is very old, but till now is has been very demanded among young generation. Brio saves the initial traditions of manufacturing and makes ecological wooden products. Each toy is not subjected to any chemical processing, but made from best wood species. It is also worth noticing that the creative designers try to satisfy the modern tastes of kids. For this reason they work on making interesting models for every age of a child. There is a special “first toy” collection, which helps the baby to enter the world of magic. Brio also offers a fine variety of house ware objects, for example gas stoves, refrigerators, TV sets, beds, wardrobes and others. Each toddler and infant will enjoy such unique toys for their birthday or any other holiday. Today the products of Brio are available for online purchasing.

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