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This brand was launched in 1995 in Australia. This brand was created with the intention to promote hemp, which could be seen as an option for cotton, because it is more environmentally friendly. This company developed successfully and managed to become of the biggest hemp clothing companies in the whole world. The designers did their best for explaining their customers via good examples that there are stylish and qualitative alternatives to the fabrics, they were used to before. The feedback from their customers was rather positive and soon they managed to open new shops. Be original with Braintree, consider substituting your usual jacket with a long sleeve throw from this designer. It is made of 85% Cotton, 15% Wool, thus it is really cozy and warm. The choice of colors allows versatile combinations of this throw with the rest of your wardrobe. For looking feminine and stylish every day, you might want to choose BRAINTREE long sleeve pocket dress. It is cut is the way, underlining you shape and waistline. It could be worn separately or with a jacket. Tie waist shirt dress is very tender and versatile, it could be matched with leggings or skinny denim trousers. Contrasting colored buttons look very tender and stylish. BRAINTREE Fox knitted sweater is a perfect choice for cold weather and for your feeling comfortable and nice. The combination of colors is rather original, the fox on the front is bright and attractive. It could be worn with denim trousers or with leggings. Its composition is 85% Cotton, 15% Wool. Denim trousers of classical shape, with front pockets and zipper fastening, they would become a part of your casual wardrobe and contribute to creating a stylish image for every day. Mid rise is usually chosen by female customers, as it underlines the waistline.


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