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Bonnie Baby Wear


Bonnie Baby is a British brand of clothing for babies and children that was established in 2005 by the creative designer Tracey Samuel, who was changing her lifestyle because the coming of her daughter. Due to the last years Bonnie Baby has become one of the most luxurious brands for toddlers, using only natural materials, such as 100% cotton and cashmere that make the baby feel comfortable. The famous manufacturer Tracey Samuel is focused on the ideal tailoring and perfect design. Her creative idea of making each overalls, skirts, tops, shorts and dresses impresses the young mothers that want to make their babies look lovely and follow the latest trends in the fashion of the smallest ones. Tracey Samuel tries to combine soft colors with nice patterns, as light pink stripped gloves, navy blue knitted romper and others. The combination of the unique style of the designer is reflected in every new collection. Such clothing will fit both for boys and girls. Today’s customers prefer highest quality of clothing above anything else. Bonnie Baby is the line that will make you and your little kids feel comfortable in its clothes. Nowadays you can buy Bonnie Baby brand online.

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